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Asociación Naviera Valenciana History

History of the Asociación Naviera Valenciana

100 años Asociación Naviera Valenciana

Logo antiguo Asociación Naviera Valenciana The ASOCIACIÓN NAVIERA VALENCIANA was founded in 1902 by Valencian companies in an attempt to defend and extend the Port of Valencia.

In its first stage of existence (1902-1936) the Association acted fulfilling its purposes in all orders and the foundation in 1932 of the Work Accident Mutual of the Port of Valencia, an independent entity from its parent company, remains as a living proof of its performance. that with its own life has subsisted and subsists.

Edificio antiguo Asociación Naviera Valenciana- During the period from 1936 to 1939 the activities of the Association ceased completely due to the civil war that Spain went through, being the workers of the sector themselves the ones who took charge of it.

- After finishing this, there was in principle a Transport Union in which all sectors of the activity were integrated, land, rail, air and that placed the Association in inferior conditions for the defense of the interests of the port sector by the minority status of its companies, with respect to the terrestrial, and by the public nature of the railway and air companies.

Asociación Naviera Valenciana

That is why from 1939 to 1957 the entity struggled not to disappear absorbed by the Trade Union Organization established by the political regime, which gave rise to the Management Commission taking charge of the entity in 1939.

On July 10, 1947, the ASOCIACIÓN NAVIERA VALENCIANA manages to preserve its personality even when it is part of the Transport Union, declaring that the purpose of the company was "the defense and promotion of maritime affairs, seeking its greatest splendor and development, while couple that will protect the interests of its associates in everything directly or indirectly related to maritime trade, without at any time being able to consider the Association as business or of a similar nature". To achieve this purpose, the
ASOCIACIÓN NAVIERA VALENCIANA will attend all public information on matters of navigation and maritime traffic.

Proof of the entity's subsistence during such a period is the commemoration of its fiftieth anniversary that took place at the Association's address on May 17, 1952. The appearance of stevedoring companies at the end of the 1960s marks another of the big events. The mechanization of the loading and unloading rates made it necessary to have sophisticated machinery, so the companies in charge of these jobs chose to seek specialization, and expert companies in loading and unloading ships emerged. It is April 30 of 1971 when the entity named
ASOCIACIÓN NAVIERA VALENCIANA, Economic Group of the Provincial Union of the Merchant Marine of Valencia, was approved and registered in the Central Register of Trade Union Entities, recognizing sufficient legal capacity, although subordinated to the Transport Union.Edificio Asociación Naviera Valenciana

This fact allowed the continuity of the Association's personality, adapting to the circumstances of each moment and the full conservation of the social heritage, thus beginning in 1973 the efforts for the construction of the building where the registered office is currently located and which continued until 1984. It was, in 1977 with the appearance of the current law on trade union association regulation (Law 19/1977 of April 1) that allows the constitution of professional business associations, when the ASOCIACIÓN NAVIERA VALENCIANA approved its current statutes although later reformed in 1988. Of this last period, it is worth noting the inauguration of the new social building and the creation of the Autonomous Port of Valencia, in whose Board of Directors two members have always participated, one representing the ship agent companies and the other representing the stevedoring companies.

Finally, it is very important to point out that the entity has remained faithful to its objective at all times and that this has been achieved thanks to the cohesion of all its members who have not hesitated to pay the utmost attention to it.




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